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New Look Orientation (video)

A guided tour of DHS Learning's updated layout and improved tools, launching Summer 2020
New Look Orientation (video)

Watch or read an introduction to the DHS Learning LMS website’s brand-new design, debuting Summer 2020. We’ve improved the look and feel, but don’t worry—most of the tools and content remain the same.

Watch: LMS Orientation


  • The DHS Learning login page is located in the same place as always:
  • Log in with your uNumber and Password, just like before the update.


Navigation Bar

Navigation bar (top of dashboard), displaying links: Transcript, Find Courses, Reports, My Calendar, Need Help?

The same tabs are available in the Navigation Bar across the top of the dashboard, including Transcript, Find Courses (with all the same categories as before), My Calendar, and Need Help?

Left-Side Dashboard Panel

  • NEW ADDITION: the Search Courses tool lets you search all available courses directly from your dashboard. Use a course title, keyword, or course number in your search.
  • View your Last Course Accessed on the left-hand side, below Search Courses.
  • The My Learning block has also moved below Search Courses; use it to access your Learning Record or see what events you’ve signed up for.
Left-side dashboard panel: Search courses block, Last Course Accessed block, My Learning block (including "Bookings" and "Record of Learning" links).
Left Side Dashboard Panel

Recent Learning Block

  • In the center of the dashboard, under Recent Learning, all the classes you’re enrolled in (plus those you’ve recently finished) are displayed, including how much progress you’ve made in each course listed.
  • Below that is your Alerts block, where you’ll be notified if you’ve successfully signed up for a seminar or if a seminar was cancelled or changed.
Center dashboard panel: Recent Learning block (including a list of courses and progress), Alerts block (including a Seminar booking reminder, Seminar booking confirmation, and two Waitlist notices).
Recent Learning Block

Right-Side Dashboard Panel

  • UPDATED ITEM: the right-hand side of the new dashboard page contains an updated version of the OKDHS Learning Help tool, where you’ll find links to common help articles and a link to the help site itself.
  • On the Calendar block, click a highlighted date to see more details about the events that day, including if you’re booked to attend or if you still need to sign up.
  • The Knowledge Base block contains links to the Quest sites.
  • Upcoming seminars in your courses are listed under Upcoming Events, along with a Booked label (if you’re already scheduled to attend) or Sign up/Join waitlist button (if you still need to sign up) for each open session.
Right-hand dashboard panel: OKDHS Learning Help block (including links to help articles), Calendar block (including several dates highlighted), Knowledgebase block (including links to Quest sites), and Upcoming events block, including an event with "Join waitlist" button.
Right Side Dashboard Panel

Course Page

Example course page, displaying two categories: "Course Overview" including a Resource activity, "Learning Modules" including a learning modules activity. Each activity displays a progress checkbox on the right-hand side. A course-specific Navigation block and Administration block are displayed on the left-hand side.

As always, course activities like Learning Modules, Feedback, and Certificates are displayed in the main panel of each course page.

  • Activities that appear “greyed-out” are restricted until others are complete, labeled Not available unless the [Specified Prior Activity] is marked complete.
  • Progress checkboxes are still displayed to the right of the activities, showing which have been completed. (Note: for restricted activities, progress checkboxes are hidden until the activities are unlocked.)

Navigation Block

NEW ADDITION: a course-specific Navigation Block appears at the top of the left panel on each course page. Below Participants, Badges, and Grades (which we rarely use), the block contains a list of the course’s sections—like a table of contents for the course. Click the sections to expand them and view activity quick-links. (Note: restricted activities won’t show up here until unlocked.)

Example course-specific Navigation block, displaying Participants, Badges, Grades, and course section links (Course Overview, Learning Modules, etc.).
Course Page Navigation Block