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Get Started with a New Account

Are you a new DHS Employee? Check if you already have a DHS Learning account, or (if you know your uNumber and PeopleSoft ID) you can request a new account to begin learning right away.
Get Started with a New Account

Welcome aboard!

You may already have a DHS Learning LMS account—check your email inbox for a message from, containing your username and a temporary password.

If you’ve received the email, you’re ready to log in and begin learning!

If not, we can help!

Hopefully, you already know your uNumber and your PeopleSoft ID (the unique number that connects you to DHS’s HR database—it’ll be printed on your timesheet once it’s available), which you must provide before we can add your account to the DHS Learning system.

Contractors—provide your CTR email address instead of a PeopleSoft ID.

Once you have it, email the following information to the DHS Learning Help Desk:

  • PeopleSoft ID
  • uNumber
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Job Title
  • Service Area
  • County

Here’s an example you can copy into your email and update with your own information, addressed to


I’m a new DHS employee and I need a DHS Learning account.

PeopleSoft ID: 000000
uNumber: u123456
Full name: Laura Learner
Phone number: 405-000-0000
Job Title: [Job title here]
Service Area: [Service area here]
County: [County here]

Thank you,
Laura Learner

Once you’re in the system, you’ll get an email containing your account information. Go to the DHS Learning login page ( and enter your username and temporary password, then select the Log in button to log in.

The DHS Learning login page, highlighting the "Username" and "Password" fields and the "Log In" button

You’re now ready to find and enroll in courses and begin learning!

Note: when you log in for the first time, the system will prompt you to update your temporary password before moving on (learn more).

There may be a short delay before you can access all of your available courses. If you still can’t find a specific course after one hour, please contact the Help Desk for course enrollment help.

Getting to Know DHS Learning?

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Getting into the system should be easy right? This article will get you logged in fast, ready for your first courses!