Sign Up for an Event Session (video)

When you're enrolled in a course with an Event activity, be sure to sign up for a specific event session (they're often offered at various times and locations) in order to attend and get credit for the event. This applies for online seminars AND in-person trainings.
Sign Up for an Event Session (video)

Many courses in the LMS involve an Event activity , where you and your fellow learners must sign up and attend an in-person training or an online seminar. In these cases, the online course acts as a signup and feedback tool for the event, but doesn’t deliver the actual learning.

Watch: Sign Up for an Event Session


Once you’re enrolled in the course, you still must sign up for a session to be able to attend the event and receive credit.

Need help finding a course or enrolling in a course first?

To Sign Up:

arrow pointing to sign-up reminder on course page with multiple sessions

Step One:

Upcoming event sessions are listed on the course homepage. select Go to event to view more details for a specific session, such as date, time, duration and location.

Go to event button circled on session page.

Step Two:

From the session details screen, select the Sign-up button to finish signing up for that session. (Or select View all events to return to choose a different session.)

Arrow pointing to Sign-up button on session details page.

Don’t Forget:

First, you have to select the session you want to attend, then you must click Sign-up to confirm your registration.

Don’t forget to return to the course after the event if the course includes an Assessment or Feedback module that can only be accessed after you attend. Otherwise, you might not get credit for completing the course.