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Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is available at the top of the page throughout the DHS Learning site, and includes links to your Transcript, Course Catalog (Find Courses>All Courses) and your Calendar.
Navigation Bar

The website navigation bar is available at the top of the page throughout the DHS Learning site (except inside Learning Module activities, which open in a separate window).

Navigation Buttons

Navigation bar, displaying the DHS Learning logo, Transcript, Find Courses, Reports, My Calendar, and Need Help? buttons, plus the User Menu button (displaying the learner's name) on the far right-hand side.
  • Select the DHS Learning logo to return to your dashboard, where you can view your Recent Learning, Calendar, Upcoming Events, Messages, and other information.
  • The Transcript option allows you to review your current and completed courses.
  • Select Find Courses > All Courses to browse and search the catalog of courses and programs.
  • The My Calendar option opens your Event Calendar, where you can view your scheduled events, such as assignment due dates, LYNC seminars, and in-person trainings.
  • The Need Help? link brings you here, to the Help @ DHS Learning website.

Managers/Supervisors have an additional navigation bar option: Team. Select Team to view the account details and course progress of learners who report to you.

User Menu

Select your name on the far right-hand side of the navigation bar to open your user menu.

  • Choose Profile to open your profile page, where you can view your user details, job assignment(s), course details, etc.
  • The Grades option opens a list of the courses you’re taking and the grades you’ve achieved to date.
    Note: getting credit for DHS Learning courses is usually based on completion rather than specific grades, so many courses don’t even track grades—these courses may display a “0.00” or ” ” instead. View the Recent Learning block on your dashboard for a better overview of your course progress.
  • Messages opens your instant messaging tool (we rarely use this).
  • The Preferences link allows you to adjust preferences and settings related to your account, profile, and how you interact with the LMS.
  • Select Log out to log out of the DHS Learning LMS.

User menu, displaying the user's name at the top plus Profile, Grades, Messages, Preferences, and Log out options.