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About Course Activities (video)

Activities are the building blocks of courses, and each course can include any number or combination of required activities.
About Course Activities (video)

Each DHS Learning course is made up of various activities that you must complete in order to get credit for the course.

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Common Activities:

Learning Modules

Learning Module activities involve a lesson that opens in a new window. The lessons include learning interactions and exercises that you’ll have to work through to complete the activity.


Event activities represent live, online seminars or in-person trainings scheduled for specific times. Sign up online for the event session that works for you, then return to the course after attending.


Feedback activities are non-graded surveys made for collecting information from learners. You’ll often find them at the end of a course asking about your learning experience.


Quizzes are used to evaluate your learning, and can include a variety of question types (true/false, matching, multiple choice, etc.). You may find them at the beginning of a course, to assess what you already know, or at the end of a course, to demonstrate what you’ve learned.


Forum activities ask you to post comments and have online discussions with your fellow learners and course instructor.


Assignment activities ask you to submit work for your instructor to review. Depending on the specific assignment, you’ll either (a) submit an uploaded file (like a document or form), or (b) type your response directly into a text box.


Certificates are usually unlocked after you complete all required activities in a course, and can be printed or downloaded.


Many courses include a blue course overview label with instructions for the course. Read these carefully as they contain critical information about what’s required for you to complete the course.

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