Getting Started

Check for an Existing Account

Not sure if you already have a DHS Learning LMS account? This article can help you find out!
Check for an Existing Account

We understand how tough it can be to keep track of all your accounts at work, especially if you’re new to DHS. Follow this guide to track down your DHS Learning login information.

Established DHS Employees:

If you’re an established DHS employee (not a new hire), we already have your employee information from HR, so you have an existing DHS Learning account. Your username is your u-Number (with a lowercase u)—visit our guide to resetting your password if needed.

New Hires and Contractors:

If you’re a newly hired DHS employee or contractor, you may or may not have an existing DHS Learning account, depending on how quickly your employee information has been processed by HR.

First, check your or contractor email inbox for a message from with your username and a temporary password. If you’ve received the email, you’re ready to log in and begin learning!

Otherwise, it’s easy to check for your account through the system if you have your u-Number (employees only) and access to your email inbox:

  1. Go to the DHS Learning login page.
  2. Select the Forgotten your username or password? link below the username and password fields.
The DHS Learning login page, highlighting the "Forgotten your username or password?" link.
  1. In the Search by username section, enter your u-Number (make sure the u is lowercase; e.g., u23456) and click Search. (Contractors: enter your email address instead.)
  2. Check your email inbox. If you have an account, you’ll receive a message from with a link to reset your password.

If you don’t receive a password reset link within 20 minutes, request a new account from the Help Desk so we can get you set up to begin learning.

The DHS LMS password reset block, with the "Username" field and the "Search" button highlighted.