Getting to Know DHS Learning

Getting to Know DHS Learning

The DHS Learning LMS can be an overwhelming place. It’s big. Hundreds of features with lots of things to click and menus to get lost in. It’s even got its own special terminology—What even is an “Activity” or a “Seminar”!? You just want to get in your course and get credit! Right?

This short guide aims to help with that. Below is a list of introductory articles & videos to help you get oriented in the LMS system. It’s geared towards new users, but can be helpful if you just need a quick refresher on how things work.

Start with a New Account

Getting access to the DHS Learning system is as easy as checking your email.

How to Log In

Getting into the system should be easy right? This article will get you in the system fast, ready for your first courses!

DHS Learning LMS Login page.

How to Find a Course

DHS Learning is filled with hundreds of courses. This article guides you in finding the courses you want.

Course Catalog page.

How to Enroll in a Course

Once you find the course you’re looking for, you probably want to take it. This article covers how to enroll.

Course Enrollment Options screen.

About Course Activities

You’ve enrolled in the course of your dreams (or at least the course you need). Now what? Activities are the things you’ll need to do to complete the course.

Sign Up for an Event Session

Many courses have online seminars or in-person training events that occur throughout the state at various times and locations. This article will help you sign up for an event.

Open Learning Modules

Learning Modules are a type of activity that presents a collection of text, images and learning interactions in one package. This article introduces you to how to navigate the content of a Learning Module.

Of course, this article can’t answer every question you might have.

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to search for it. Just click the magnifying glass icon at the top of any page to get a list of articles. And as always, if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for you can always call us! Our friendly experts are happy to help.