Enroll in a Course (video)

When you find a course you'd like to take, you can enroll yourself without any special permission—as long as the course is open for self-service enrollment.
Enroll in a Course (video)

Most courses that are visible to you in the course catalog allow self-service enrollment—look for a slashed-key Self enrollment icon across from the course name—so you can enroll yourself with just a click or two.

Watch: Enroll in a Course

To Self-Enroll:

  1. Select the name of the course you want to take.
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  2. If the course is open for self-service enrollment, select the Enroll me button (if not, click Continue to return to the list and choose a different course). 
Example DHS Learning "Enrollment options" page, with the "Enroll me" button highlighted
  1. You are now enrolled in the course and can begin learning!
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Note: Some self-enroll courses skip the enrollment screen entirely and you’ll be automatically enrolled when you open the course for the first time.

If you need to take a specific course but the system won’t allow you to enroll (or if you can’t find the course at all), please contact the Help Desk.

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