About Enrollment Types (video)

There are three methods for course enrollment in DHS Learning: self-service, automatic and manual.
About Enrollment Types (video)

DHS Learning has three different methods for enrolling learners in courses: self-service enrollment, automatic enrollment, and manual enrollment (for restricted courses).

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Self-service Enrollment

Some LMS courses allow self-service enrollment for certain learner groups. If you are part of the specified group, you can enroll yourself in these courses at your convenience, without special permissions.

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Automatic Enrollment

Courses with automatic enrollment are added to your Current Learning by the system. To launch one, select the course name to go directly to the course homepage.

Note: You may also be automatically enrolled in a program, which is a group of several related courses.

Manual Enrollment

Some courses are restricted and have special rules for enrollment. Restricted courses display the message, “You can not enroll yourself in this course.”

If you need to take one of these classes but haven’t been enrolled yet, please contact the Help Desk for enrollment assistance.

It’s critical that all of your profile information is correct, since your service area and job role determine (a) which classes are automatically assigned to you and (b) which classes are available for you to enroll yourself in. Be sure to review your profile and tell your supervisor if any of your information is wrong.