Course Enrollment

Find a Course

The first step in taking a course is to find it! Easily locate courses you need by searching or browsing the DHS Learning course catalog. The catalog is organized into course categories, which often represent specific DHS service areas.
Find a Course

When you log in, the DHS Learning LMS opens to your dashboard, where you can quickly find information about the courses you’re enrolled in.

If the system has automatically enrolled you in courses based on your profile information (such as job title or service area), they’re listed on your dashboard in the Recent Learning block. Simply click a course name to open it.

DHS Learning dashboard, with the Recent Learning block highlighted

Otherwise, to find and enroll in a course, select Find Courses from the navigation bar. From the dropdown menu,

  • Choose All Courses to open the entire course catalog, where you can search or browse all courses.
  • Select the name of a course category to open the category’s catalog page and view its contents (courses and/or subcategories).
DHS Learning navigation bar with the Find Courses dropdown menu open, displaying an "All Courses" option plus DHS divison-based categories: Adult Protective Servies, AFS, Aging Services, Child Care Services, Child Support, Child Welfare, DHS (all employees), DDSD, and Human Resources

You can Search the catalog to look up a specific course and/or filter by course category to browse a group of courses.

Most courses display a short description in the Course Summary column of the course catalog. You can also select the “i” icon next to a course title for a quick view of the course’s Status and Enrollment type (as well as a Self enrollment option where applicable).


When you want to look up a specific course by name or course number,

  1. Open the course catalog (Find Learning>All Courses).
  2. Enter the course title, a word or phrase from the title, or the course number into the Search by box.
  3. Select Search.
DHS Learning course catalog page, with the "Search courses" field and "Go" button highlighted

Need help enrolling in a course once you’ve found one?

Filter by Category

When you want to browse through a list of related courses,

  1. Open the course catalog (Find Learning > All Courses). .
  2. In the Filter by section, open the dropdown menu under Course Category and select is equal to.
  3. You can now select a category from the next dropdown menu to display all relevant courses.
A course category page with the "Course categories" menu open, and with the scrollbar highlighted

The categories are organized into levels, where some categories are more specific than others. For example,

The DHS filter displays courses that apply to DHS in general.

The DHS / Child Welfare Services filter displays courses that apply to Child Welfare Services in general.

The DHS / Child Welfare Services / Core filter displays only courses in the CW Core program. The Core courses are not listed under DHS and DHS / Child Welfare Services since they are too specific for such broad categories.

Getting to Know DHS Learning?

How to Enroll in a Course

Once you find the course you’re looking for, you probably want to take it. This article covers how to enroll.