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Archived Completions

Sometimes course completions are archived—usually if (a) the course content is updated or (b) the course is part of an annual certification that needs to be renewed. You can use the Previous Completions column on your Record of Learning to view these archived completions.
Archived Completions

The DHS Learning system tracks online learning by awarding a course completion to learners whenever they successfully finish a course in the LMS. You can view your course completions on your transcript.

Course completions are usually archived—which means you’ll no longer see the course listed on your dashboard—for one of two reasons:

  1. When a course is modified or updated, all completion records from before the change are archived, but they are still valid and available.
  2. If the course is for a certification that must be renewed periodically (like annual training), your completion may no longer be current. Your archived completion is still available, but you’ll need to take the course again if you want to renew the certification.

The Is current record column of your transcript indicates if the course completions listed are current or archived. The column will display yes for current courses or no for archived completions.

Example DHS Learning "Transcript" page, with the "Is current record" column highlighted

Even though your Record of Learning and the Recent Learning block on your dashboard only list current courses, you can always find all of your course completions on your transcript.