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About Your Transcript (video)

On your Transcript page, you can find information about your current and completed courses including Course Title, Previous Completions (for updated or annually renewed courses), Progress and Completion Date.
About Your Transcript (video)

The DHS Learning system tracks your online learning by awarding you a course completion whenever you successfully finish a course in the LMS.

Watch: About Your Transcript

To View Your Transcript:

Access your course completion records from anywhere in the LMS by selecting Transcript from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

The DHS Learning navigation bar, with the "Transcript" button highlighted.

Your Transcript differs from your Record of Learning in two major ways:

  • Your Transcript lists all your completed or partially-completed courses (including archived completions), whether or not you’re still enrolled in the course.
  • The Record of Learning only displays courses you’re currently enrolled in, whether they’re complete, partially complete, or not even started.
  • Your Transcript displays additional details about each course and completion (such as the date completed, the user role and job title you had when you took it, and whether or not the completion is part of your current record).

Sort by Column:

Each column on your transcript represents a specific piece of information about the course records listed.

Click a column title to sort the list according to the information in that column (click the title once more to reverse the sorting order).

DHS Learning transcript page, with the column titles highlighted


You can export your transcript information and save it as a spreadsheet or document:

  1. From the Export as dropdown menu at the bottom of the page, select the file format you want to save the list as:
    • Choose Excel to save the list as an .xlsx spreadsheet you can edit in MS Excel.
    • Choose PDF landscape to save the list as a landscape-oriented (horizontal) .pdf document.
    • Choose PDF portrait to save the list as a portrait-oriented (vertical) .pdf document.
DHS Learning transcript page, with the "Export as" dropdown menu expanded, and with the Excel/PDF landscape/PDF portrait options and "Export" button highlighted
  1. Click the Export button and your Internet browser will begin downloading the file.

Note: The downloaded file will not change when your transcript updates in the system. Think of it as a one-time snapshot of the list.