Add a New Discussion Topic (video)

Learn how to post a new discussion topic to a Forum activity.
Add a New Discussion Topic (video)

Many Forums ask you to add a new discussion topic as one of the requirements to get credit for the activity.

Watch: Add a New Discussion Topic

  1. On the Forum activity page, select the Add a new discussion topic button.
  1. Choose the discussion topic settings:
    • Subject: enter a brief description of your topic (required).
      This will be displayed as the discussion title on the main forum page.
    • Message: enter the main text of your post (required).
      Remember to review the instructions at the top of the page for guidance on what to include in your post.
    • Discussion subscription: if checked, you’ll receive notifications whenever someone posts a reply to your topic.
      This setting is often locked so learners can’t unsubscribe.
    • Attachment: if applicable, upload a file to accompany your post (optional).
      You can either (a) click/drag your file into the upload box, or (b) select the Add file icon > Upload a file > Choose File to pick a file from your computer.
  1. Click Post to forum to finalize your post.