For Managers

About the Team Members Page

View and explore the Team Members page (available to managers only), where you can access your team's learning progress and requirements.
About the Team Members Page

If you are a manager or supervisor, select Team from the navigation bar to access the Team Members page, which lists all of the learners who report to you.

There are four links under each learner’s name:

  • Select Profile to view the learner’s profile.
  • Select Bookings to view the past and future event sessions the learner has signed up for.
  • Select Records to view the learner’s record of learning (transcript).
  • Select Required to view a list of the courses, programs, and certifications that the learner is required to take based on their job role and service area.

Sort by Column

There are four columns for each learner:

  • Their Name
  • The date of their Last Login
  • The number of Courses Started
  • The number of Courses Completed.

Select a column name to sort the list by that column’s information (select it again to switch between ascending/descending order).

Note: when sorted by Name, the list is alphabetized by first name.


You can export the current list and print it or save it as a spreadsheet or document:

  1. From the Export as dropdown menu at the bottom of the page, select the file format you want to save the list as:
    1. Choose Excel to save the list as an .xlsx spreadsheet you can edit in MS Excel.
    2. Choose PDF landscape to save the list as a landscape-oriented (horizontal) .pdf document.
    3. Choose PDF portrait to save the list as a portrait-oriented (vertical) .pdf document.
  2. Click Export and your browser will begin downloading the file.

Caution: the downloaded file will not change when the Team Members page in the LMS updates. Think of it as a one-time snapshot of the list.