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Quiz Navigation Block

Use the Quiz Navigation block to visually track your quiz progress/question status and, in some cases, skip from question to question.
Quiz Navigation Block

The Quiz Navigation block is displayed in the left sidebar, so you can visually track your quiz progress.

Each question number is displayed in a circle:

  • For quizzes that require you to check your answer after each individual question (Quiz Type A), each number is color-coded according to its Status:
    • White—Not complete
    • Pink—Incorrect
    • Yellow—Partially correct
    • Green—Correct
  • Otherwise, if the quiz allows backtracking to previous questions before submitting all at once (Quiz Type B), the questions numbers are links—you can use them to jump from question to question.

Finish attempt: if you click the Finish attempt link before completing every question, scroll to the bottom of the Summary of attempt page and select the Return to attempt button to go back to where you left off.