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Complete Module Exercises (video)

Most learning modules include information exercises such as Tab, Slide and Accordion interactions. You must "click through" and view all info blocks before the system will allow you to move forward.
Complete Module Exercises (video)

Although they are different for each course, every module contains a variety of teaching exercises.

Watch: Complete Module Exercises

Common Exercises:

  • Thinking questions with a text box for a typed answer: enter your response (some questions have a minimum length requirement) and select submit.
  • Multiple-choice and true/false questions: select your answer choice(s), click Submit, and a box will pop up with feedback (select x to close the box). 
  • Dropdown questions: for each listed prompt, select the matching answer from the dropdown menu. When you have chosen all your answers, click Submit and a box will pop up with feedback (select to close the box).
  • Slides and information blocks: select the arrows (or tabs) to view all slides/blocks before moving forward.

You must answer every question and view every slide and information block on each page. Otherwise, the system won’t let you move to the next module.

Close the lesson window when you’re done working through every topic and the original LMS window will refresh with your updated progress in a few seconds. (If you exit before finishing, you can return to where you left off next time you open the learning modules.)

Select the progress bar in the top right-hand corner of each module window to view the module navigation menu, which can help you find skipped slides or incomplete exercises that are needed to get credit for the activity.